Heidi Azaro

the HEIDI AZARO Chronicles

Heidi grew up in Brooklyn, New York imitating Howard Cosell (among others) and doing cartwheels in the living room judged by her sister while prepping for the gymnastic Olympic team. Though her technique was lacking, she nailed all of her bows.

She took flight lessons before learning how to drive but couldn't land a plane as she could never see the runway from the air. 

As a Belly Dancer in Egypt, she was told that she would never make it because she had no belly, then was offered a hundred camels in exchange for marriage. 

She loves everything about nature except bugs and probably couldn't survive in the wild without Charmin bathroom tissue.

Heidi is of Puerto Rican & Spanish heritage and can speak fluent Spanglish, if needed, in an absolute emergency. 

She is a lover of Fashion, but knows for a fact that runway hair doesn't work for everyone.

High heels disguised as chocolate is one of her favorite discoveries and believes water was turned into wine to teach us the importance of drinking it every night with dinner. 

Her biggest joy is making people laugh and evoking deep thoughts and emotions. (But not necessarily at the same time.)



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